PLAY the piano,
Compose your own music!
Find your own unique MUSICAL Communication!
Be a confident musician and loving it.
  • Music Instruction and Professional Training:

    • Voice (Singing)

      • Musical Theater

      • Art Song

      • Opera

      • Gospel, Christian, Church classics

      • Vocal coaching

      • Folk

      • Singing, self accompanied on guitar

    • Secondary Piano Lessons

      • Beginning and Intermediate in the Classical Tradition and experimental traditions

    • Music Theory Instruction




B&W photo: Le Nozze di Figaro, Italo Tajo, director,  L - Susanna, Loryn Frey, soprano

with Daniel Lockert

Loryn Frey, Daniel Lockert, in Recital.

Studio Recital May 11, 2017 at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church. Featuring some of our registered Spring Semester 2017 students. Katherine Geary, Jacob Pollock, me, Morgan Bryant, Front row: Sydney Freeman, Garrett Bevels. Missing from this photo is Alyse Martin.


Epiphany Recital, January 2017, Calvary Baptist Church Chapel. Featuring some of our Fall 2016 semester students, Garrett Bevels, Jacob Pollock, me, Sydney Freeman, Alyse Martin and Taylor Moore.