Beginning to intermediate piano:

Three locations: 

A.on the 5'7" historic 1950 Baldwin R series grand piano in my home in Tioga.

B.the spinet at Sacred Heart CatholiChurch,Pineville.

C.the Upright piano at Calvary Conservatory.

Technical studies in the classic style, but with a wide varietry of musical genres: Jazz, Musical Arrangements, Sacred Classics, Classics of Beethoven, and others.  

Technical studies including posture, balance and relaxation, hand and arm position, 5 finger exercises, scales and some Hanon according to the ability of the student and others according to the abilities of the student. 

Some theory in rhythm and note names and locations.

There are many graded editions available and we will choose what is interesting to the student.



Scales and arpegios

Sight Reading

Hand positions and



Technique and Artistry

PIANO for the Singer:

     Basic Chord progressions

Chord progressions with

 singingable melody


Accompany melodies

Accompany with Chords

Use of rhythm

Read a lead sheet

Learn to play from scratch.

Piano credentials:

Early piano studies, grade school, Ruth Dodez,  and from my father, W. Kirk Frey, a professional solo pianist and collaborative pianist.

Later grade school and Junior High with my father's local coach/teacher, Mrs. Daniel(Clarice)Parmalee, College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio.

Junior High with my mother, Mrs. Edith Ditmer Frey.

High school, Winner of District and Regional piano competitions..

College, tested out of functional piano.  Private lessons with Walter Hassenmuelle and with Jean Climer, Baldwin-Wallace.  Also did some vocal accompanying.

Graduate schools, MM and DMA, passed all piano performance examinations required of vocal performance majors.  

Louisiana College as Professor of Music and vocal coordinator; studio accompanying of voice majors as needed.