Statement of Work Policies

Dr. Loryn E. Frey

Summary/Short Version/Online

Fall 2017

In the process of being updated. 9/5/2017




I. The semester will consist of 15 lessons if taken weekly, depending on time of registration.

High School students involved in productions may sign up for a flexible scheduling plan which will involve fewer lessons.  Please ask if interested.

For students under 18 a parent’s signature is required as part of the enrollment process.  

Students should be at least 8 years old and older.


Lessons TBA will be held at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, in the Music Studio of the church Community Center, 600 LAKEVIEW ST., PINEVILLE, LA., or in my home on the Baldwin Grand 1951.


Lessons on Tuesday  and Wednesday afternoons will be held at the Calvary Conservatory, 5011 Jackson St., Alexandria, LA. 

Additional days and times may be scheduled for lessons at Sacred Heart or in my home.

Scheduling:   Registration is ongoing now.  There will be a contract for you to sign at your first lesson or at the Calvary Music Office or at Sacred Heart.  Partial or full payment is required at that time.

Please call the Calvary Conservatory for scheduling at that location. 

Call my number - 318 640 8230 for setting up a lesson time at Sacred Heart or in my home (Tioga).  Do not call my cell.  I am currently getting poor reception at home and cannot even hear a voicemail. You may text me is calling my cell or leave a message on my land line and I will always return your call. 


II. About me:   I have a doctorate in music with a major in vocal performance.

A voice (singing) performance specialist I have with training in stage movement and performance, anatomy, physiology, diction, pedagogy, song literature, as well as the addressing of performance anxiety.


I also teach music theory including advanced analysis.  


I can also teach elementary and intermediate piano.


For more detail, please browse my website www.LorynFreyMusic.com


III. Music and textbooks: Students are responsible for purchasing all music and books assigned including music printed from websites.

It is illegal for me to give a student music that is photocopied, unless it is in the public domain.

Some websites such as musicnotes.com have excellent resources for learning vocal music.   Voice students may be required to register for that site. 


All lessons are recorded and posted in your private file on DropBox which you will be able to access.  You are requested to listen to that lesson and read your lesson notes before the next scheduled lesson.  


IV. Accompaniments for singers:  Students (or the responsible adult) are responsible for downloading and paying for accompaniments recommended by the teacher.  There are several online websites to which you will be referred.  You will be required to download or have online access.  As long as you have bluetooth we can connect you to the Bose speaker.


V. Make-Up lessons: There are no make-up lessons at any location.  There are no refunds for missed lessons.  If you do miss a lesson, I am paid for my time.

If I miss a lesson you will either receive a make-up lesson or a refund for that lesson.


VI. Withdrawing: if you wish to withdraw you must notify me IN WRITING  at least THREE weeks in advance and pay the full amount owed for those weeks.  This is in accordance with my contract with Calvary Conservatory, are stated in their Student Guidelines and are the same for the same at Sacred Heart or in my home


According to Calvary Conservatory and my contract tuition must be paid for the 30 days following receipt of resignation  letter.


VII. Payment for the  Semester: 


A. Enrollment:  

Lesson times cannot be secured until all paperwork for credit card and ACH payments is received by the Calvary Music Office, or if taking at Sacred Heart or in my home, by me, Dr. Loryn E. Frey

B. Payment:

Payment for lessons and the registration fee will always be in advance of lessons and may be made in either of the following ways:


A registration fee  is $15.00.  The following are the payment options for CC.

   1. A one-time cash/check/credit card payment for the semester. 

        Please make checks payable to Calvary Baptist Church.  

   2. Up to four Visa/MasterCard/Discover payments drawn by the Conservatory Music Office.  

   3. Authorize the Conservatory to initiate up to four debit entries at specified financial institution. A voided check from the institution is required.



Please plan on making one of the following payment options upon registration:

   1. A one-time cash/check/credit card payment, the latter through PayPal, for the semester. Please make checks payable to Loryn Frey.  You may also use PayPal as long as you have an account.

   2. Up to 2 debit entries made be made through PayPal for the semester. These must be dated in advance and cannot be cancelled. You will need to pay the service fee as well.

   3. For students paying by credit card on PayPal, the service fee deducted from the payment  to me will be the responsibility of the student.  Check PayPal for service fees deducted to the payee.


I, and the staff at Calvary Conservatory, am willing to speak to anyone about other payment arrangements, depending upon personal circumstances. However, this procedure guarantees that if you do miss a lesson, I am paid for my time. 


   C. Fee Schedule:  

            Total semester fees:                                                                                                                                By Semester:                        E/O/W____________

Voice; Vocal Coaching; Theory/Composition       $40.00/ half hour                           

Piano; Fundamental Piano                                         $38.00/ half hour                           

Ask about special pricing for Senior Citizens 55 and over and Student 8-10 years of age.

Fall 2017 SEMESTER CALENDAR, All Locations.


2.  Holidays:   Holidays will coincide with those scheduled at the public schools, Rapides Parish and will be published here.  If your student attends a school with a different schedule, please inform me now. See the Calvary Calendar and the Rapides Parish School Board Calendar for vacation days.


Also, please inform me now of conflicts due to student productions so that a calendar of lessons can be designed for you, individually.


All policies in this document are in line with those of other teachers and Music Schools, including Calvary Baptist Church Music School in Alexandria.  These policies are in place to guarantee equal respect for both your time and talent, and for mine.


The author is not responsible for unintentional errors in this document.

If an error is found in this document the policy will be updated and all responsible parties will be notified immediately.

cc: Dr. Loryn E. Frey   (D.M.A.)