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I have a doctorate in music with a major in vocal performance.

A voice (singing) specialist and performance specialist I have training in stage movement and performance, anatomy, physiology, diction, pedagogy, song literature, as well as the addressing of performance anxiety.  

My training in these areas came from Dr.  Sandra Kungle, Thomas Grubb, Dr. Oren Brown, Henri Venanzi, Miss Martina Arroyo, Lucille Villaneuve Evans, Dr.Robert K. Evans, Sophe Ginn, Jack Edelmann, Dwight Oltman, Mr. John Alexander, Donna Schoep, Arthur Schoep, Frank Monachino, Italo Tajo, Dr. Dinos Constantinides, Dr. Ekaterina Zaitseva, Marvin Chusid, Dr.Melvin Hakola, Earl Redding, Charles Smith.


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L. Frey Voice Teacher

Above: Cara Waring, private voice student, Loryn Frey studio.

Below: Lisa Carpenter Rosas, as Elizabeth in Robert and Elizabeth

John Smith w/ Robert Grayson in Masterclass
From my LinkedIn page:
Dr. Sandra Kungle
April 13, 2014

I have known Loryn Frey and heard the great success of her teaching for over thirty years. She is dedicated, conscientious, smart, a fine musician, and she knows what she is doing as a teacher and performer. She has great intellectual curiosity and the focus to figure out what is happening, why, and work diligently at the task at hand. I recommend her highly as a teacher of voice. I have heard many of her students and they sing well, healthily, and are musically well prepared.

From my LinkedIn page:


Thank you to Juliana Handy for this recommendation posted on LinkedIn!

Juliana Handy: Freelance Soprano. Dramatic Coloratura. Private Voice & Piano Instructor.
If you are looking for one of the best vocal instructors in the South, look no further! I am a former student of Dr. Frey and graduated from Louisiana College in 2012 with a degree in vocal music and studied with Dr. Frey for all four years of my studies. Dr. Frey's meticulous attention to detail and faith in me as a singer, pushed me to discover the capabilities of my voice and allowed me to flourish as a young singer under her tutelage. As I have continued my studies and am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Vocal Performance, I have felt prepared and confident to enter my graduate studies with ease. 
Dr Frey truly understands that making beautiful vocal music is not merely singing black notes on a white page but a synthesis of correct technique, participation with an accompanist, phrasing, dynamics, diction, characterization and understanding of the composer's intent. She will find your greatest strengths as a vocalist and exploit them to your greatest advantage. 
Again, I cannot recommend her highly enough and if you want voice lessons done the right way, make an appointment with Dr. Frey!

August 10, 2016, Juliana was Loryn's client

Music lessons

Ruth Ingalls (Shoup), vocal performance major, in Senior Recital.  Dr. Loryn Frey, voice professor.

Juliana Wimberly Handy, Winner, Southern Regional NATS, Senior Woman.  Studio of Loryn Frey

Tinka Milinovich, 

International Vocal Artist, Television  personality, 4 year student of

Dr. Loryn Frey

Senior Vocal Performance Major, Kathryn George (Austin), Southern Regional Metropolitan Opera Auditions Winner and National Semi-Finalist.  4 year Voice Student of Dr. Loryn Frey

GOALS:  Emphasis is on teaching voice in classical, musical theater, early music, opera, gospel and jazz and other styles. Also to ready students 8 years and older for auditions including competitions, college and graduate school and professional positions in opera and musical theater. I have taught since 1975 children from the age of 8 and adults how to sing healthily with physical balance and freedom, and especially, to have fun singing! And many of them have gone on to graduate school in music at schools such as Bard, UC, LSU, NTS and in a variety of competitions, including NATS state and regionals, Regional MET auditions and to perform leading and compramario roles in local, regional and European opera and musicals.



Former susscessful Voice Students include Tinka Milinovich, Juliana Handy, Kathryn George Austin, Jennifer Permenter, Kameryn Lueng, Brandi Hodgson Troxel, Suzanne Banister, Benjamin Swain, Barbara Gomillion Cockerham, John Simmons, Cameron Weatherford, Melanie Watson, John Parker, Lisa Carpenter Rozas, Melva Terrell Villard, Lee Ann Ratcliff, Sarah Dodson Fortenberry, Jay Hellums, Missy Duncan, Amy Shepp, Michael Hassion, Ed Frisbee, Angela Hope Hawthorne, Jovetta Wells Sanders, David Stokes Jr., Colleen Texada, Julie Thiels Dekeyser, Allison Gish, Brian Bonin, Debbie Pryor Brown,Steve Clawson, Cara Waring, Johnny Miller, Chris McDaniel and many others who are fabulous musicians, performers, teachers, church musicians, higher education professionals, gospel professionals, etc.. Some of these individuals have extensive bios which can be found on many searchengines. Each has given permission to use their name.

Cara Waring NATS Regional FInalist, Graduate WOmen.